Create A Brave New World

If you leave this blank (a not so great) one will be auto generated.

What Galaxy is it in?
Planet, Moon or Man-Made Satellite
Planet Type
White Sun  |  Random  |  Class G (Geocrystalline)
Georgia  |  Planet  |  Class H (Desert)
Red Sun  |  Moon  |  Class L (Marginal)
Kalidasa  |  Man-Made Satellite  |  Class M (Terrestrial)
Blue Sun  |      |  Class O (Pelagic)
  |      |  Class P (Glaciated)

     First let me apologize about the Naming system, it was hobbled together.
     This world was created using a base chart found in the Spelljammer Setting, and has been modified to suit my gruop's needs and flavor. I hope you enjoy it, and please support these games even if they no longer in print.
     If anyone has any comments on how this could be better (like a better random name generator code) or something I horibly messed up on email me.